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Week #5 Roundup!

It’s week number 6 of production here in the What Goes Up office and I’m currently sitting alone writing this, apparently these repeated early mornings have gotten to everyone… never-mind. There’s a silver lining to the peace and quiet of working alone, I may actually get some more of the shot listing done! (I’m currently just over halfway through)

Last week was incredibly productive. We managed to secure some really wonderful deals with various people that are helping us out with the production including getting one of our main locations arranged which you can read about below. We’re also working on our locations for the rest of the film, which we’ll keep you updated on as and when we secure them officially. The production team have also been in talks with numerous people from the press which has really been helping us raise our awareness, we’ve seen a huge influx of supporters on both our Facebook and Twitter pages and we’re incredibly grateful and constantly surprised by truly how much support we’re getting from people. It’s really wonderful. Take a look at some of the articles here and here.

Elsewhere in the office we’ve been working hard on script re-writes which we should have finalized by the end of the week. Emma has begun her process of getting props and designs, meaning that we’re about to see some of this hard earned cash begin to move as we slowly bring the script to life and we’re all watching as Tom is on her case to make sure she’s being efficient with her spending.

We’ve also got a few more announcements that we’ll be releasing your way very shortly. Progress is happening here in the office and we’re setting up for another productive week.

Thanks again to all of you for helping us make this happen, and don’t forget that we’ve got another two weeks left on our fundraising campaign. We’re still looking for donations to help us reach our stretch goals so anything you can do to help out is widely appreciated by us all.

Also, here’s a picture of Tom during our scouting session last week in the kitchen location… He doesn’t like being caught on camera in his natural habitat…


I’ll get back to doing the shot listing now…



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