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The Final Hours

Well, it’s nearly here. It’s so close I can almost taste it. We’ve finally entered the last week of pre-production here at What Goes Up HQ and everything is falling into place, there’s very little left to do on the planning side of things we’re just spending this week working on all of the smaller tasks that we’ve put aside  and getting them finished ready for production.

Next week we officially begin working on the film and we move towards shooting.  Rehearsals will take place in the first week of July and I’ll be working hard alongside the actors to get them comfortable with the script and each scene, we’ll also be planning out the logistics of the more complicated shots through tech rehearsals. We move into our office at the end of the week and start shooting from there!

Seeing as I’ll be busy working on the film from here on out, the updates are likely to get a bit thinner. However we’ll be posting on-set photos and small updates from time to time just to keep you in the loop about what we’re doing day-to-day.

We’ve really reached that point now where this thing is about to come to life and as I’ve said many times before you guys are the ones to thank for that. So really, thank you for helping us bring this idea to the screen and letting us tell the story we want to tell. We really hope that all of work comes together in the next few weeks and pays off to be something amazing that you’ll all really enjoy, share and love.

And who knows? Maybe it’ll become an instant cult classic… A man can dream. Right?

See you soon!

Matt Gambell


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