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Thank You Video #1

Hello again, it’s the fourth week of pre-production here at What Goes Up… HQ and everything is now starting to come together. Myself and Tom visited a possible location for filming late last week and we’re attempting to work out a deal with them. If we get the rights to film there it’s really going to bring the script to life as it caters perfectly to how I imagined the characters world to look.

Our artwork is now really starting to come together we’ve got multiple artists working on concept art, prop sketches and production drawings. This is really exciting for me as I’m getting to see the script come to life in more ways than I’d often get to and it’s an important process as we can really grasp the idea of how this film is going to come together and how each of the areas are going to look when we get into production. Emma’s also hard at work researching the rest of the equipment and props we’re going to need to bring these locations to life and help immerse you further into the world.

We’re also at a point now where we can start planning for shooting, I’m working on a basic shot list so the team can get together a schedule for the film. Andrew is working hard on script re-writes to clean up some of the messier dialogue and make sure everything flows smoothly and Lauren is still hard at work casting actors.

We’re incredibly grateful for everything you’ve done for us so far, we’ve now raised over £1,000 in donations from our campaign. We’re constantly overwhelmed by how much support we’re getting from you and we couldn’t possibly put into words how thankful we are… but we can try, so we’ve put together a video for our supporters so far.



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