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Making Music Happen

It’s been another hectic couple of days here at What Goes Up HQ. We’ve been working hard on our preliminary pre-production. Myself and Andrew have been talking over the logistics of the production schedule and working with Tom on the budget limitations for the film so far.

We’re currently working on scouting and securing the locations for the film looking mainly for somewhere that suits Lee and Ray’s Den this is going to amazing for us as everyone here in the office is a huge nerd and we are essentially designing our dream office full of geeky memorabilia and cool posters! We’re working alongside our creative director on how we’re going to decorate these sets trying to organise deals with developers and local suppliers to build this fantasy!

We’re also incredibly proud to announce that we’ve managed to secure Vincent Walker from Suburban Legends fame as the sound designer for What Goes Up… who we’re looking forward to working with, Vince has recently moved into producing music professionally and after working on self-producing their albums as a band he’s taken a keen interest into the art behind sound design.

As a talented musician Vince has agreed to work with us on producing the score and soundtrack for the film, we’re really excited about this because it’ll completely open up a new world for us to explore in the film and allow for a truly professional soundtrack.

At the moment our campaign has raised over £700 which is incredible for a week and a half! We’re really grateful for all the help and support we’ve had from you. However, we still need so much help getting the word out about our film, we’d really appreciate it if all of you could share the campaign with your friends and family and see if they’ll help our campaign here.

Thank you to everyone who has invested in us so far, we’re really enthusiastic about getting this film made and we make more and more progress everyday. We couldn’t do this without you!

Matt Gambell
Writer and Director on What Goes Up…

P.S Thanks Video up Shortly.

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