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Location, Location, Location

Over the past few weeks we’ve been scouting for potential locations to shoot our film in. One of the biggest troubles we were having was finding a place to use as the setting for the Lone Pine Office block where a large part of the movie takes place. We began to make the decision early on to avoid building a set, if we could find a location that suited Ray and Lee’s den perfectly it would be cheaper to rent a space and free up money in the budget to spend on better Art Direction and other expenses.

Fortunately we were lucky enough to find a space just outside of Lincoln that suited exactly what we were looking for. Not only that but we’d have access to a variety of spaces throughout the location to use within our film which has helped streamlined the shooting schedule as we won’t have to move around too much, enabling us to cover a large portion of the film in one go.

The pictures below are a few examples of the spaces where we’re going to be dressing up and setting scenes from the film… In the first picture we see the potential setting for Ray and Lee’s den with the left and right walls seating both of the characters desks facing outwards and space where the picture was taken from to place their gaming area. Imagine the room filled with posters, drawings and trinkets and their world really starts coming to life! It’s very exciting.

The second is the open plan office on the fourth floor, the main work space for our love interest Sarah. We’re really happy we’ve managed to find somewhere like this and visually it should create some really interesting set-ups for what we’re trying to create. The fourth floor holds some key scenes to the character developments and explores the humor in What Goes Up.




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