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It Isn’t Over Until Tom Says It’s Over

This is it. The final hurdle. There’s only a week left on our campaign.

So far we’ve raised £3,567. Which is incredible. We’ve already had talks about how much the funding has made a difference and every day we’re trying to get better an better deals to put your donations further and in turn make an even better movie. We couldn’t have come this far without your help so thank you, you’ve really made our job easier and helped us in bringing out vision to life. There’s still time to donate and any extra we make really helps us out. So please if you can send people to the link below and ask them to help out!

Right, that’s the mushy corporate stuff out of the way. Now to the good stuff… Time for some updates.

The good news is I finished the shot list last week. The bad news isn’t really bad news… it’s more just… news… but we’ve also finished our script re-writes.

Sean and Andrew have been working hard, desperately seeking my approval as I brood over them making whilst they make changes to the script. Most of which actually ended up cleaning up the dialogue somewhat and tying up loose ends or plot holes. Evidently those writing sessions at the early hours in the morning sees for some minor errors, which have now been fixed thanks to their efforts.

We had a crew read-through of the screenplay on Friday and we found ourselves laughing at parts we didn’t even realize were funny. Which is good, I’m confident you’re going to like it. We’re all talking about how versatile it should be and hoping it appeals to a large demographic because of the depths of the characters and their stories.

This week sees me continuing working on pre-visualisation. I’m basically drawing floor plans and blocking out each scene based on the shot-list. I’m getting an eye for how the action is going to take place and how the camera will capture everything in the scene which is fun, but it’s hard work.

I can’t speak for the rest of the team. Tom has me under quarantine until I finish my work. I’ll assume they’e working on getting the props and locations and all the admin stuff sorted.

I’’ll keep you posted.

Matt Gambell

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