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End of week 6 update

Hey all,

We’ve made a lot of progress this week. Myself, Andrew and Matt have finally compiled our drafts into the final version of the script. We had a read-through today just with the crew and we’re all very happy with it. We were laughing throughout which is a good sign, if we found it funny I’m sure all of you will. We think it’ll appeal to a large demographic and we can’t wait for our actors to read it. Now we just need to finish the shot list and shooting script and we’ll be ready for shooting. There’s still 11 days to go on the indiegogo site so you still have time to donate if you haven’t already… or if you’re feeling really generous you can donate again. Any little helps so we just want to take time to thank everyone who’s donated recently. We appreciate all your contributions.


Assistant Producer/ Script editor

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