Love doesn't come easy. Even when you see what's coming

Brad, Stone and Shelia.

Hi Guys!

Since we announced our leads a few days ago, we thought it was about time that you were introduced to two more characters! But, keep your eyes peeled as we will be announcing further supporting characters as the days go by!

You ready?

You steady?

Here we go….


Laolu Osinbajo as Brad.










Laolu is a stand up comedian, who studies Law at the University of Lincoln. What Goes Up is his first feature length project, and we are delighted to have him on board! His stand-up comedian skills bring Brad to life in realistic and also sympathetic way, showing all the sides to Brad in a unique and interesting way.



Amanda Langton as Shelia.












This is Amanda’s first feature film project, and although she has little experience, she has an abundance of talent. Her belief in the project (and in us) has been incredible! As Shelia, Amanda will flirt with you (the audience) as her personality shines on screen!  So, watch this space people of the film world, we have a rising film star here!


Mark Morrell as Stone.

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We are honored to have Mark on-board for this project! As well as being our local fantastic DJ at Home, he is also an Equity member with an impressive credit history! As Stone, Mark will bring wit, ‘ground breaking’ ideas and a little bit of high class sass to our set!


We are so grateful to the cast (and all those who auditioned)! The talent we now have in fantastic…so lets get this film made!


Casting Director.

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