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Shooting Continues

Hello all!

Apologies for the lack of updates it’s been a hectic couple of weeks here on “What Goes Up…”. We’ve been working on the production everyday for the past two weeks shooting a variety of scenes each day and I wanted to let you all know that we’re now over halfway through shooting this film. We’ve manage to keep pretty well on schedule. It’s been an incredibly draining experience for most of us, it’s definitely the most difficult thing I’ve ever worked on. Moving from shooting shorts over a couple of days into trying to shoot a feature in three weeks definitely has its challenges, but it’s going well.

Everyone on the team is really pulling their weight left, right and center in order to get this film made and even though the hours are often long (like the 17 hour shoot we had last Monday) it’s amazing how everyone involved turns up the next day enthusiastic about continuing what we’re doing.

I can’t reveal too much, as I want most of the plot to be a surprise but we’ve added in a couple of scenes to help develop some of the characters further and I’m sure you’re really going to enjoy it. We’re so proud of this script and anyone that’s been able to read it has praised us for the quality, I just hope we all do a good enough job that it translates for you on screen!

Here’s a couple of pictures of some of the production team at work. I’m really looking forward to disclosing more about the film once we wrap shooting in a week or so and finally getting some sleep! Hysteria kicks in after a while…




See you soon,

Matt Gambell


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